The worldslongestroadtrip is a journal documenting my journeys across the United States of America.

It is my intention to eventually visit every county in the United States.  Along the way I will visit every U.S. National Park, historical sites such as Presidential Homes, Civil War and Revolutionary War battlefields, prehistoric American Indian mounds and quirky roadside attractions.  I will review the hotels and restaurants I visit and will make an effort to sample as many microbreweries (for purely educational purposes of course) as possible.  I will tell stories of the people I meet and any anything else I find along the way (planned or unplanned).  Hopefully a little international travel will be thrown into the mix as well.

Follow my blog for the latest on where I’m up to or peruse the archives to see where I’ve been previously.

Have recommendations for places I should visit when I’m in your area?

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