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Today’s photo was taken from the Vandalia State House State Historic Site in Vandalia, Illinois.


Vandalia State House State Historic Site


After being off the road for over two months I had a 2000 mile journey to complete in just over 48 hours, so needless to say that left no time for sightseeing.  However when I stopped for gas at exit 63 on I-70 in Illinois, I could not resist following the “1 mile to Vandalia State Historic Site” sign.  A couple of minutes later I was there, and no one else was.  It was closed, there were no signs posting hours/days the site is open. I spent a few minutes reading the “Looking for Lincoln” signs posted around the grounds of the State House.  Lincoln played a role in getting the capitol moved from Vandalia to Springfield. The capitol was here for only 3 years (1836-39). It looks a lot like the White House from the outside, a very nice building considering its short use life.


The “Madonna of the Trail” memorial sits on the capitol grounds and marks the western terminus of the Cumberland Pike.  The road begins in Baltimore, Maryland and goes through Ohio, Indiana and to this point in Illinois.  It is now part of US-40 which extends to Utah.


I guess time must heal wounds because despite working to move the capitol away from Vandalia, they have honored him with a statue and a small park across from the capitol.


I’m thinking Lincoln is sitting here contemplating how much he hates living in Vandalia and how much nicer it must be in Springfield….