Today I visited the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, in Clark County, Nevada.  The site was occupied as early as the 1830’s and was turned into a ranch in 1876.  By 1974 it was turned into a Nevada State Park.

The main ranch home is the focal point of the ranch and is open to visitors.


I was surprised to learn that the ranch was once owned by Howard Hughes.  It is not known whether Hughes actually ever stepped foot on the ranch but the bar in the picture on the right was installed during the time he owned the property.  The ranch was also one owned by actress Vera Krupp.  In 1959 armed men broke into the house and stole a 33.6 carat diamond ring from her finger as she sat in the living room in the picture on the left.  The diamond was recovered in New Jersey 6 weeks later.  After Ms. Krupp died the diamond was purchased by Richard Burton and he in turn gave it to wife Elizabeth Taylor.  I am unclear on whether this took place during marriage #1 or marriage #2.  Ironically the state park does not play up the ownership of Mr. Hughes or the diamond theft in their promotional brochure or website.