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Car Ad - 10-31-13

Today’s photo was taken from Simon Canyon in San Juan County, New Mexico.


Simon Canyon


Today I stopped at Simon Canyon in San Juan County, New Mexico.  The Canyon is owned by the Bureau of Land Management.  I learned about this site yesterday when I picked up a brochure at the Salmon Ruins Museum.

About 4/5th of a mile from the parking lot is the Simon Canyon Ruin.  The small “pueblito” was built as a defensive structure by the Navajo in 1754 while they were sparring with the Ute Indians.

There was actually a rope attached to the rock for climbing to the top.  The adventerous side of me wanted to go up.  The practical side of me realized there was no one else around to assist me if I fell and even if there were someone there, there is no telling how long it would take for an ambulance to arrive.