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Car Ad - 5-31-13

Today’s photo was taken from the Civil War era Union Battery along Halls Ferry Road in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


American Indian Mounds in East Carroll Parish

I also visited the site of 2 American Indian Mounds while driving through East Carroll Parish, Louisiana.  Both were situated along state highway 581.  The first is the Transylvania Mounds.  Only one is visible from the road and has a barn sitting on top of it.

I never would have noticed this one if not for the sign.  The sign says the Julice Mound is 9 feet high but to my eye it just looks like  a slight protrusion along the natural landscape.




Civil War Driving Tour


This morning I drove back into Louisiana to see a couple of Civil War related sites I did not have time to see yesterday.  The first was the site of the Duckport Canal in Madison Parish, which was an attempt to connect the Mississippi River with the Walnut Bayou.  It failed when water levels dropped.

A little further down Thomastown Road is this marker with the Dalkeith Plantation in the background hidden by the trees.  I guess if I had to be a prisoner of war, being held in a plantation home might not be so bad, relatively speaking.