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Today’s photo was taken from in front of the Governor Hugh J. Gallen Memorial in Franconia Notch State Park in Grafton County, New Hampshire.


Franconia Notch

Early this evening I drove through Franconia Notch State Park in Grafton County, New Hampshire.  I-93 cuts right through the park and there are a few pulloffs with easy access to some pretty neat features.  This is what is known as “the basin.”  The picture really doesn’t bring out the majesty of the site.

In the short time I spent I saw a number a waterfalls.

This is what is known as “Boise Rock.”  It was named after a man who had to seek shelter due to a sudden snowstorm.  He killed his horse and wrapped himself in the skins of the horse.  When the search party found him, the skins were frozen to him and had to be cut off with axes.  I think I would have built a fire, but that’s just me.


Hannah Dustin Memorial

A short walk down a trail off of a park and ride lot in Merrimack County, New Hampshire is a memorial honoring a woman who was captured in 1697 by American Indians and later led a revolt against her captors killing and scalping 10 Indians.  It sounds a bit far fetched to me but what do I know?


Today’s Advertiser

Today’s photo was taken at the entrance to “America’s Stonehenge” in Rockingham County, New Hampshire.


Stonehenge in New Hampshire?

Today I visited “Americas Stonehenge,” located in Rockingham County, New Hampshire.  The site is home to a series of stone structures, stone walls and stones set in astronomical alignments.  According to the video that was shown at the visitors center the site dates to 4,000 years ago and it is unknown who built the site.  Theories range from American Indians, Europeans who arrived before Columbus or possibly was set up by European settlers much more recently.  I don’t know what to think.  I give credit to the site for not pushing a theory when there isn’t much to back it up.

There were a couple of chambers within the stone structure.

My favorite part was the “sacrificial table.”   I’m not sure if I liked the sign or the actual table more though.

The various stones surrounding the center are set in alignment with the various solstices, equinoxes, and even November 1st and February 1st.  I’m still scratching my head over those two because I’m doubting ancient civilizations would have used our calendar.  It was an intriguing stop – even if the whole thing is one big hoax.