I’ve gotten a few emails from companies asking what an ad would look like if they purchased one on this website. So this blog entry is itself serving as an example of what such an ad would look like. Each day I will be profiling one company both on this website and with a car magnet ad. Each morning at 6 a.m. Eastern U.S. Time I will introduce the advertiser of the day in a blog post along with an image of your company logo.

The introduction will be based on information provided to me by the advertiser. So for instance if you are a widget maker and you had $10,000,000 of widget sales in 2010 and you want to tell my audience about how your widget can do everything from curing cancer to solving the national debt, this is where I will brag on your behalf. Perhaps you will want to run a special on your website with a promotional code, this is where I will tell my audience about your promotion. Perhaps you have a youtube video about your product/service and you would like me to embed the video. This is where I will put the video.

At some point during the day I will take a picture of my car with the car magnet featuring your logo and will insert it into this post. Where will I be on the day your ad runs? One of my main objectives each day will be to find a creative place to take a picture of your ad on my car.  (The picture below was taken in front of the ghost town of Blakeley, Alabama).

Your ad stays on my site for as long as it is active. It is my intention for this site to outlive me, so I’m hoping this will be a long time.  At the end of each day I will write blogs describing the events of the day and places I visited. At the end of each post that day I will post a sentence stating “Today’s visit to __________ was made possible by today’s exclusive advertiser Your Company.” If a reader clicks on the link, it will take them back to the earlier post describing your company. So if 10 years from now someone reads a post I wrote on the day your ad ran it will still have your company mentioned at the bottom of the post and a link back to the blog describing your company. Unlike traditional pay per click advertising your ad will continue to run for as long as my site is active. Questions? Email me at worldslongestroadtrip@worldslongestroadtrip.com.

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