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Peace Mound Park

This is a small park surrounded by housing developments in Weston, Florida. According to a 23 year old article I found online, this is a Tequesta American Indian Mound. Today it appears to be used primarily as a walking trail and playground for a nearby gated housing development.


Plantation Preserve Linear Park

Plantation Preserve Linear Park is actually a nature trail that runs through the middle of the Plantation Golf Course.

My main reason for visiting was the Tequesta American Indian Burial Mound along the trail. It is hardly visible. Like the midden I encountered earlier in the day at Arch Creek Park, I wouldn’t have noticed this one if not for a nearby sign.

There is another mound at the end of the trail. I am assuming it is a modern day mound constructed to appear as an Indian Mound.


Secret Woods Nature Center

Can it really be a secret if there is such a large sign out front? This park in Broward County, Florida has 3 small trails, much of which is a series of boardwalks within a mangrove swamp.

I encountered my second butterfly garden of the day. Unlike the one at Arch Creek Park, this one actually had butterflies. See it?

All over the park there were large spiders like this one hanging in webs dangling just above head level over the boardwalks. i wonder if they keep the butterfly numbers down?

Snake Warrior’s Island Natural Area

I think the name of this park in Miramar, Florida is the main reason I visited. If the name was Smith’s Island Park I probably would’ve taken a pass. It is reconstructed wetlands area.

The “island” is actually 2 areas of elevated land.

This is the “little island.” The area was once occupied by Native American Indians. The Snake Warrior, also named Chitto Tustenuggee was a Miccosukee Indian who fought against the U.S. in the Second Seminole War.


Arch Creek Park “Natural Bridge”

I was a little disappointed with my visit to Arch Creek Park, in North Miami, Florida. The namesake of the park is a stone bridge which crosses the Arch Creek and is known as a “natural bridge”. The only problem is that it is actually a man made reconstruction of the original natural bridge, which collapsed in 1973.

When they reconstructed it, was it necessary to pave asphalt over it?

I also decided to visit the park because there is an American Indian midden on the grounds. It is so badly sunken I would have never noticed it if not for the sign.

There is also a butterfly garden in the park. I didn’t see any butterflies. Maybe I was too distracted by the constant aroma coming from the Asian buffet restaurant across the street from the park.