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John Stretch Park

While I was riding around Lake Okeechobee I had to do a double take.

At first I thought they were some sort of an odd roadside attraction of UFO’s.

But they are actually some of the retired pumping device which controlled the water level of the lake.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail

I spent the day riding my bicycle along the “LOST” trail which is on top of the dike which encircles Lake Okeechobee.

I soon started running into signs such as these.

And after continuing past the signs I eventually ran into sights such as this.  Apparently the dike was damaged during the 2005 hurricanes.  The dike itself was built following a devastating flood resulting from a hurricane in 1928.

I had to turn back around and eventually had to drive around the construction and start on another section of the trail.  I only rode about 66 miles total.  Had I been able to ride the whole circle it would’ve been about 110 miles.

I cannot understand how they keep the grass so short on the roof of this structure.  I would think if one took a lawn mower up there, the roof would cave in.

Perhaps when all of the work is completed I will come back.  I’m not a big fan of riding  my bicycle in construction zones and I disobeyed no fewer than 6 signs warning me of impending arrest if I proceeded through.  I only have so much of a sense of adventure.

Hello world!

This site is under construction!  I will spending some time posting my adventures that have taken place over the past  decade or so.   All posts with a date earlier than today were actually posted at a later date.  The date showing is when the actual event took place, not when it was posted.  Everything that appears from today and on forward will be posted in real time. 

In the future I will be highlighting businesses who want to advertise their service(s) and/or product(s) in a unique fashion.  I will display a different magnetic advertisement on my car each day as I make my travels.  I will also post a short blurb about the company in my blog along with a photo of the ad on my car.  For 1 day of exposure the price as of the date of this post is $199.99 and I will handle the printing of the ad.  You just send me a PDF of the logo you want me to use and I’ll take care of the rest.  Contact me at for more information.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge – Day 2

I decided to visit the northern section of Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge after visiting the southern section 2 days earlier. This section is on Jupiter Island which lies between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean in northern Martin County, Florida.

The refuge eventually ends and turns into St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park.

I saw a number of these markers in the scrub area along the beach.

On my way back I saw some evidence of some bipedal creature having walked along the beach.

This was the longest “walk on the beach” I’ve ever taken on. I estimate that I walked 10 miles altogether. Not a bad way to spend a day in early March.

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Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

I spent a half hour or so at Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. There are 2 sections to the refuge. I visited the southern section which includes the visitors center and is located along US-1 in Martin County, Florida.

After walking down the wooden stairs and looking out into Hobe Sound one can imagine what ‘going to the beach’ looked like for the earliest Floridians.