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Tom Dorsey Book Store Bathroom Award

It was raining so I stopped a Marathon Discount Books, in Marathon, Florida. I didn’t find a book but I did stop and use the bathroom. On the wall was this plaque.

It sort of reminded me of the rest stop in New Jersey that was named after Howard Stern. I think it’s since been closed.


Key Largo Hammocks abandoned development

It was time to make a return visit to the Key Largo Hammocks State Botanical Site. When I visited last May I was overcome by the mosquitoes and turned tail and ran out of the place. The dry cooler than normal winter allowed this visit with not one single mosquito encounter. There is a paved trail that runs through the park and a short unpaved trail through the wooded area.

I went off the beaten track a bit and encountered this building which I thought may have been the park visitors center possibly damaged by a hurricane.

I came across a group visiting from Colorado and a gentleman mentioned he had heard this was part of a condominium development that was stopped before it really got off the ground. So I did a little research and apparently this park, before it was a park, was to be a major condominium development. Although I’m not sure, this building may have been the clubhouse or community activities building.

There was another wooden structure, but I’m thinking this might have predated the condominium development.

This brings me back to the picture I took last year when I visited.

The main entrance is actually what was to be the main gate at the entrance to the community, not an old park entry like I thought last year. It does look just like the many gated entrances to various housing communities in South Florida. The paved roads in the park are were actually part of the planned community, not the park roads. I’m surprised the state hasn’t demolished the buildings.

Apparently I was in an area that required a permit, but there were no signs at the point where I entered, I only saw this sign when I left the area at a different trailhead. This was a fee entry park. You’re supposed to put $2.50 in an envelope and drop it in a box. That system works great if you happen to have exact change on you. Some states don’t charge admission to state parks. Just sayin.’


Spruce Bluff Natural Area

Located in St. Lucie County, Florida is a 97 acre preserve which is tucked in between various housing developments.  I walked the short AIS South Trail and the Pioneer Trail.  AIS is the name of the American Indian tribe that occupied the area between 10,000 and 6,000 B.C.

There is a badly damaged mound which was built by these people.

There was this large nest in one of the trees growing out of the mound.  The bird was keeping a close eye on me.  I suspect there were chicks or unhatched eggs in that nest.


Mount Elizabeth American Indian Midden

Located inside Indian Riverside Park in northern Martin County is this American Indian Mound which now serves as the platform for the Mansion at Tuckahoe, also part of the park.


Confusing Subway bathroom sign

I just hope they empty the waste basket OFTEN.