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Everglades National Park

I spent the day along various short trails and overlooks along the southern half of the “Main Park Road.”

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Riverbend Park – Palm Beach County, Florida

Grassy Waters Preserve and Solid Waste Authority Greenway Trails System

In the shadows of the North County Landfill and “Resource Recovery Facility” is Grassy Waters Preserve.  I was also in another section of the preserve on 12/13 but didn’t get to see it all. The preserve makes up 1/2 of the “land” area of the city of West Palm Beach!  Looking at the pictures I think you can see why I put land in quotation marks.  It seems remarkable that there is so much wildlife so close to a landfill.  Or maybe that is exactly why there is so much wildlife?


Apoxee Urban Wilderness Preserve and Grassy Waters Preserve – West Palm Beach, FL


Seabranch Preserve State Park

While much of the rest of the country was experiencing snow or cold weather the temperature was in the mid 80’s in Martin County Florida.  The white sand almost could’ve been mistaken for a light snow.

This turtle did not want to have its picture taken.