The launch was scheduled for 11:59 p.m. on August 28 and I decided at the last minute it was time for me to see a space shuttle launch.  I arrived in Titusville, Florida about 30 minutes before the launch and the area in and around Space View Park was packed. There was simply nowhere to stand without a) blocking someone else’s view or b) looking at the back of someone else’s head.  I walked around (mostly aimlessly) until I found an ideal spot sitting underneath a camera tripod someone had set up near the water along Indian River Avenue, providing me with an unobstructed view.

You can tell my cheap digital camera was not designed to take pictures in the middle of the night.  The shuttle looks like a UFO.

I overhead someone say they could mark this off of their “bucket list.”  I guess I can do the same, although I would like to see a daytime launch now.  That’s how it usually goes with me.  One thing marked off of the list.  One or two things simultaneously gets added.