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Pine Island Ridge Natural Area & Tree Tops Park

Located in Davie, Florida are these two areas which are surrounded by residential developments. I have not seen cacti this large outside of the American Southwest.

It was here that I learned how Fort Lauderdale got its name.

Then I came across the statue and plaque honoring Sam Jones for a different perspective on things.


Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Located in Martin County Florida, just over the Palm Beach County line is Jonathan Dickinson State Park.  The park is interestingly diverse.  The eastern portion of the park has a dry scrub landscape.

As you get further into the interior of the park it takes on more of a wetlands landscape.

Fontainebleau State Park

Located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain is Fontainebleau State Park.  I hiked about 5 miles inside the park, but the highlight was clearly the marshy area that leads into the lake.

There were also the remains of this old sugar mill.

Battle of Yellow Bayou

Located on the edge of Simmsport Louisiana is a roadside marker commemorating the battle of Yellow Bayou.


Marksville State Historic Site & Fort DeRussy

Located outside of Marksville, Louisiana along the Red River are the remains of Fort DeRussy, a Civil War Confederate earthen fort.  The site is fenced off and appears to be about the size of a large home lot.  There wasn’t much more to see than what is in this picture.

In Marksville is Marksville State Historic Site.  Here are some American Indian Mounds.  There is a small museum on the site, but I did not have time to go inside.

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