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Appalachian State University

I took a long-cut from the hotel to the restaurant I was going to eat at, which allowed me to take in the Appalachian State campus.  I was surprised by the number of students and faculty milling about, considering this was the middle of summer break. A few highlights:

The football stadium was undergoing some renovations.  Perhaps with the additional seating Michigan will pay them a return visit?  It’s only fair, right?

The rock.

Somehow I missed the statue of the town’s namesake, Daniel Boone, but I did run into Yosef the Mountaineer, the school mascot.


Day’s Inn – Fredericksburg, Virginia

Truly the most bizarre hotel experience ever.  I check into my room at the Day’s Inn, just off of I-95 in Fredericksburg, Virgina.  Here is what was in the room:

Ask yourself this.  Have you ever checked into your hotel room and found boxes and boxes of pineapples where the bed should be located?  Well, it’s happened to me.  This place was a joke to say the least.  I was given a new room.  The second night however, I had a couple try to enter the room.  Apparently this Day’s Inn thinks I wanted company and decided to give this couple a keycard for my room.  Good thing I was there at least.  I was going to stay an extra night, but I decided to head on down the road.  Blame me?


Prince William Forest Park

Although managed by the National Park Service, Prince William Forest does not fall under the National Park banner.  I guess it doesn’t “rise to the level” of a Yellowstone or Smoky Mountains but is still worth preserving.

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Fredericksburg Virginia

I spent the day in and around Fredericksburg Virginia.   Here is the resting place of Mary Washington, the mother of the first President.

Is the gravestone a deification of her son?

Not too far away is the last home she lived in, which was purchased by her son.

Next was the President James Monroe Museum.  He had his law offices at this same location, but the building that stands today was built after he would’ve occupied the space.  The most interesting exhibit is the desk on which he wrote the Monroe Doctrine.

Across the Rappahannock River is Ferry Farm, the boyhood home of George Washington.  I was given a guided tour of the grounds.  The actual homesite had just been discovered about a month earlier so I was able to see the excavation in progress.

Legend has it that young Washington threw a stone across the Rappahannock.  It wouldn’t have been an easy feat but I think it’s doable.


The First Place George Washington Slept

No, he didn’t sleep on the dirt. (At least I don’t thinks so).  This the George Washington Birthplace National Monument and the picture is showing where the home itself stood.  There is a home nearby, but it was built in the 1930’s and is not representative of what the Washington’s house would’ve looked like. 


An impressive view of the Pope’s Creek.  Does a body of water this wide really qualify as a “creek?”

Some of the first President’s relatives lie on the grounds, including a half brother and grandfather.

I didn’t have much time to hang around.  During this trip I was driving a rented Suzuki Sport.  I could never get used to this obstructive view on my left side.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t be taking pictures while I’m driving.

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