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Warren G. Harding Birthplace

2 simple plaques and a U.S. flag are all that marks the birthplace of the 29th President of the United States.  The farm house in the corner of the picture is not the house he was born in.

Nearby is a bed and breakfast called “The Presidential Inn.”  It also is not the house, but I’m assuming many people stop and ask if it is.


Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids Michigan

Gerald Ford was the only President not elected as either President or Vice President.  He served about 2 ½ years as President, but was a United States Congressman for nearly 25 years, and Grand Rapids Michigan was the largest city within his district.  Grand Rapids was his home for the majority of his boyhood.  The museum gives a lot of detail on the Watergate scandal, which is what ultimately what brought him into office.

A few steps away from the museum is the burial site of President Ford.  I had to wait several minutes to take this picture because families were having their pictures taken standing next to the gravesite.  I thought it was a bit odd of a place to have a family photo.

The Ford Library is in Ann Arbor, on the University of Michigan campus.  I saw it in 2001 when I walked through the campus, but didn’t stop inside.


Sightseeing day in Nebraska

I spent the night in Scottsbluff and drove to Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area, intending to take a hike.  When I arrived I realized I wasn’t up to hiking after hiking Scottsbluff the previous evening.

So I switched into pure sightseeing mode and did drivebys of a few sites.

First was Chimney Rock……

Next was the “Courthouse and Jail Rocks”

Then the Ash Hollow State Historical Park where there were more remains of the Oregon Trail …..

and a real sod house.

The next stop was the site of the Union Pacific Railroad Station in North Platte Nebraska, which was the site of the famous “North Platte Canteen” during World War II.  Here the citizens of North Platte and the surrounding communities fed the troops that passed through here on their way to war.  A remarkable story that was best told by Bob Greene in his book Once Upon a Town.

The last stop was Massacre Canyon Battlefield.  There was only a small museum (which was closed) and this marker to commemorate the battle between the Sioux and Pawnee.

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