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Dumpster Sign

For whatever reason this sticker on a dumpster caught my fancy.  And no I wasn’t playing in or occupying the dumpster!

Later in the day I was driving along State Route 327 in rural Vinton County, Ohio and saw this mound in an agricultural field.  It looks like it could possibly be an American Indian Mound.  I haven’t found anything about it online so I’m not sure if it is or not.


Dawes Arboretum Mound, Licking County Ohio

Visiting an arboretum in the middle of winter is an odd thing to do I’ll admit.  However the plus side is there are virtually no other people visiting.  The main reason I came was to hike the short 1 mile trail to visit the American Indian Mound.

I took this picture from the observation tower inside the arboretum.


A presidential birthplace, burial site and more Indian mounds

I had a few hours to kill while in Hamilton County, Ohio.  The first was the Short Woods Park Indian Mound.

Next I stopped at the former home site of President William Henry Harrison in North Bend Ohio.  This is also where W.H. Harrison’s grandson, Benjamin Harrison was born.  Apparently this was the location of the family farm. You can see the historical marker behind the two parked cars.

A short distance away is the burial site of William Henry.  You may remember W.H. Harrison had the shortest tenure of any U.S. President.  His term only lasted one month.  This of course was due to the fact he caught pneumonia while delivering his inaugural address, which apparently took about 2 hours and was delivered in a cold rain.  This was prior to the enactment of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, so it took place in March, not January.  I wonder what the weather would have been like on January 20th 1841 and how different our history would be today if not for that rainy day in March?

Just to the west of North Bend and bordering Indiana is Shawnee Lookout Park.  Inside are the remains of the Miami Fort American Indian earthworks.

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