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Effigy Mounds National Memorial

I went back to the Effigy Mounds National Memorial and hiked the southern portion of the memorial.  I had planned to go back to the northern portion but was starting to get worn out from the trip and decided to head home.  Later that evening while I was driving through Illinois I listened on the radio to the Illinois Senatorial debate between former Presidential candidate and recent Maryland resident Alan Keyes and a little known State Senator named Barack Obama.


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Visiting Mounds along the Mississippi

I spent the day visiting American Indian Mounds along the Mississippi River in Northeastern Iowa and Southwestern Wisconsin.

First I stopped at Little Maquoketa River Mounds State Preserve.

Then to Wyalusing State Park where I viewed this Bear Effigy Mound.


I then made a trip to the northern section of the Effigy Mounds National Memorial. I managed to get lost on the trail and didn’t actually see any mounds. I left the park to get something to eat and then went to the Fish Farm Mounds State Preserve.



Mines of Spain Recreation Area

I finished the day out at the Mines of Spain Recreation area outside of Dubuque Iowa along the Mississippi River. The park offers views of the Mississippi River and surrounding valley.

This is the burial site of Mr. Dubuque, who was supposedly the first European settler in Iowa, which was then territory of the Kingdom of Spain.

There were several American Indian Mounds in the park, but it was almost dark and my pictures turned out accordingly.



Albany Mounds

Near the Mississippi River are a series of Mounds referred to as the Albany Mounds which were built by the Hopewell Indians.


Ronald Reagan birthplace

After visiting Dixon I drove about 30 miles to the southeast and visited the birthplace of Reagan, Tampico, Illinois.  Tampico is a very small and very sleepy little town.  If not for the Reagan birthplace I wonder if it might be one of those places that might have disappeared from the map.  Reagan was born in a small apartment above the bank, which is now a museum.  The tour guide pointed out exactly where Reagan was born.

A block or two away was this home which was another boyhood home of Reagan.  Despite the sign out front, it is privately owned and not open to the public.  Not all that different from the Dixon home really.  Of course this one has the tasteful Halloween decorations I am sure are authentic to the time of Reagan.