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Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum

I spent a couple of hours touring the museum devoted to an activity that has consumed many a Sunday afternoon of mine. The annual induction ceremony used to take place on these very steps. It has since been moved to the nearby Fawcett Stadium. I was struck by the fact that the museum exhibits seemed to be a bit dated, especially one recognizing the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Football. The overall experience was quite enjoyable. I loved the exhibit on the defunct leagues that challenged the NFL over the years. The NFL films video presentation of an NFL training camp reminded me why I never played football when I was younger, but simultaneously showed why I have so much respect for those who do play the game. It’s truly a man’s sport.

Quecreek Mine Rescue Site

If you didn’t know the outcome of what took place here and didn’t read any of the markers here you would think something tragic took place.  However this is where 9 coal miners were trapped for 4 days  in July 2002 were brought back to the ground.  Considering how lovely everything looked the day I visited it’s amazing to think how just a couple hundred feet (underground) makes a huge difference.

The mine is actually located in the same county as the Flight 93 Memorial site is located.


Flight 93 National Memorial

This is the field where one of the four planes hijacked on September 11, 2001 crashed in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

The memorial was made up of a series of privately donated monuments and mementos left by the public.

It will be interesting to see what the site will look like once fully developed by the Park Service.


Grave Creek Mound

Located in Moundsville, West Virginia, this is the largest mound that was built by the Adena American Indian Culture.  The large trees growing on the mound tend to obscure the view.  There is a museum on site, but I didn’t have time to stop.  Maybe some other time.